Gottacon 2013

This will be the 5th year that VicLUG has been at Gottacon, Victoria’s 3 day gaming convention. We do a host of activities with our main event being VicWars, a table top minifig game loosely based on Mike Rayhawk’s BrickWars. After lots of brainstorming we’ve come up with a fun new rule set that integrates very nicely into the existing game called Active Buffs. I’m still in the process of putting together documents for the actual core rules and description but here is the new expansion we’ll be trying out:

and here’s a pic of the dice, freshly cooked!

We will also have a kid build area, blind build stands, a moc table and we’ve recently come into contact with a crew up island who are developing their own Lego game called Steel Wheels, a racing Lego game, so they will be there for a couple of days and really looking forward to seeing it in action. Our VicWars page listed below is still under construction but will hopefully have all the rule docs up there by tonight.

Post Gottacon

Wow that was a lot of fun! It’s going to take a bit to recover but wanted to say hi to anyone we might have met at the con that found our site.

To everyone who wanted to see the rules for VicWars they will be here:
As of the writing of this post it’s a text doc of our outdated ruleset

To those who are wanting to join the forums, I will get to that either tonight or tomorrow! Please remember we have a show coming up in March at Tillicum and it would be great to see you there 🙂 You don’t have to have any mocs made, we need lots of hands on deck to make the Duplo structure and work the crowds and contest. It’s a great chance to meet the whole club since most of us will be in attendance at the same time.

To Carson & Evan and all the countless volunteers and other event co-ordinators: thanks for putting on the best con yet!

Huge thanks to the huge crowd and all the awesome kids and adult sized kids who made playing VicWars a blast. Your imagination and wackiness is soul nectar.


VicLUG was stoked to be part of Gottacon for the 3rd year, and it was the best one yet! We had a speed build, blind build, and kid build stations, as well as our VicWars game which we refined even further this year. Our kid build was a bit different this year, we encouraged convention attendees to title and label their creations, and we had some amazing additions.

Our VicWars game went great, we played maybe 6 games, and came up with lots of new ideas for next year already.

Here’s some videos of the game in action:







Gottacon 2011, Saturday game 1

Gottacon 2011, Saturday game 2

Gottacon 2011, Sunday Game

Gottacon 2011, miscellaneous

Also, check back on this page: for updates on the game. It’s just a text copy of the rules at the writing of this post, but it’ll be more elaborate, with links to all this media and our revised rules from the past convention.

I’d also like to thank Jon New from for providing prizes at the Talisman game I hosted, it’s much appreciated and please check out his site for amazing Talisman resources and info! You can see more on that game in the miscellaneous photo gallery above.

See you guys all next year!


VicLUG will be at Gottacon again this year! February 4-6 we’ll have our VicWars ( based on BrikWars ) tabletop minifig game, blind build contest as well as our kid build setup. Our main hours of activity will be in the morning and afternoon of Saturday & Sunday, but the kid build will be open throughout the whole event.

Gottacon is at Pearkes Arena, by Tillicum Mall & Silver City. Go for more info about the event.