Gottacon 2013

This will be the 5th year that VicLUG has been at Gottacon, Victoria’s 3 day gaming convention. We do a host of activities with our main event being VicWars, a table top minifig game loosely based on Mike Rayhawk’s BrickWars. After lots of brainstorming we’ve come up with a fun new rule set that integrates very nicely into the existing game called Active Buffs. I’m still in the process of putting together documents for the actual core rules and description but here is the new expansion we’ll be trying out:

and here’s a pic of the dice, freshly cooked!

We will also have a kid build area, blind build stands, a moc table and we’ve recently come into contact with a crew up island who are developing their own Lego game called Steel Wheels, a racing Lego game, so they will be there for a couple of days and really looking forward to seeing it in action. Our VicWars page listed below is still under construction but will hopefully have all the rule docs up there by tonight.