About VicLUG

Contact Us: lego@viclug.ca

VicLUG Mission Statement

The Victoria LEGO® Users Group is an association bringing together Adult Fans of LEGO within a supportive community committed to creativity and cooperation.

Our Goals

  • To demonstrate by public exhibitions and other activities the power of LEGO to unleash the imagination in adults and children alike.
  • To provide a venue for communication and friendship amongst adult fans of LEGO and communication between our members and The LEGO Group.
  • To work cooperatively, in the spirit of fair play, both within the club and with others to support the continued advancement of the hobby and to generate awareness of the adult LEGO community locally and globally.

Our Activities

The Victoria LEGO Users Group (VicLUG) was established in February of 1999 and consists primarily of individuals from the Greater Victoria area in British Columbia, Canada.  Our monthly meetings allow members to share their creations, participate in discussions about LEGO products, plan for our scheduled events, and provide an open forum where adults can visit and potentially join a group of other adults passionate about the LEGO brand. In addition to monthly group meetings, VicLUG participates in many events in the Victoria Region and beyond each year. These events provide our members with opportunities to showcase the many aspects of the LEGO hobby and to engage the public in conversation about the Adult LEGO Community.

The LEGO Hobby

The LEGO hobby is composed of all activities of builders with and collectors of LEGO brand products. Activities can include programming LEGO robots, using LEGO figures in tabletop wargames, creating operating train layouts and coming together to display what we build and collect. We also share tips and tricks amongst ourselves and the wider LEGO community for building and collecting.

Joining VicLUG

Interested in Joining VicLUG?

We are always interested in hearing from avid Lego fans in the area. A typical prospective new member is from the Vancouver Island or Gulf Islands region, is 18+ and has their own interest in the hobby. We don’t accept applications from parents wanting to join on behalf of their children, though many of our club members have kids and enjoy the hobby with them.

You don’t need to join a Lego club to be a Lego fan. The reasons you would want to is to share the camaraderie of the club, participate in our events & displays, and find out more about the ever growing Lego community.

Automatic registration to the forums was closed due to spam bots and we’ve since adopted an email correspondence application. Please email membership@viclug.ca, tell your name and desired username for the forums, and any info you want to share about your Lego hobby.