Covid !

We’re still in the at home lego stage…but since we’ve all been home so long, there should be some AWESOME things out there. I know I’ve built some new stuff πŸ™‚

We will update when we next have in person meetings- for now, the club is having online meetings, drop us a line if you are an AFOL and want in πŸ™‚

Sidney Family Day 2020

I know, you probably don’t JUST get your lego news from here ! However, we will be at Sidney in the Scouts Hall 16 & 17 Feb, with our club member & 1/2 of the Canadian CLP program, Robin Sather of Brickville Design Works πŸ™‚ In other news, there is a lego TV show running on Fox !

September Meeting

September Public Meeting: Barts (by the Ping Pong Table) @ 7 pm, Monday the 16th of September.
Next event with VICLUG presence is BrickCon in Seattle ( for info)
Next Victoria event: October 19th and 20th at Victoria’s Ultimate Toy Show @ Pearkes.

August Meeting

Next Public Meeting: August 19th at Bart’s downtown. Feel free to drop in, bring a MOC or two, and have a pint &/ or dinner. 7-9pm. There will be a club only function before that (check the forum if you are a member).