2013 Lego pt. 4 Various

There’s a bunch of Technic freaks in my lug who are losing it over all the new sets. They really do look amazing, the sets the past couple of years have looked like they are right out of a fan convention.

Images open in new window to biggified versions.

42008 Service Truck

The Lego Architecture line is coming out with the Leaning Tower of Pisa

I wonder if they will give any kickback to this Cuusoo idea?


I’m curiously not going out of my gourd about Galaxy Squad, I really should be. This set looks good, it has some bizarre looking eggs

70709 Galactic Titan

I am however fascinated with this Lone Ranger set, 79109 Stagecoach Escape. Most of the Lone Ranger sets look wonderful but this one is now in the budget

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