2013 Lego pt. 3 LOTR & Castle

We’ve been catching glimpses of this set as it gets pulled on and off the net. It looks great and a smart buy all around.

Images open in new window to biggified versions.

79005 Battle at the Black Gate

The eagle’s wings are articulated.

Looks like they are using the same hair/beard piece for Saruman and Gandalf the White, smart recycling there.

Wizard Battle 79005, this looks like an inexpensive and classy little set.

79006 The Council of Elrond, there’s lots to like in this set, primarily the wonderful elf hair pieces!

Here’s a massive piece of set I won’t be picking up: 79008 Pirate Ship Ambush

There’s a whole bunch of nice new Castle sets coming out. Nothing mind blowing but great sets if you are building up a Castle collection. This new dragon is fun, 70403 Dragon Mountain:


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