2013 Lego pt. 1: StarWars

Between the Nuremberg and NY Toy Fairs there has been a lot of new sets unveiled.  Here’s some of what caught my eye and wanted to share. I’m going to break up the flood coming at you into several posts, I’m playing catchup for the past couple of weeks!

Images open in new window to biggified versions.

10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter


If you are into UCS then this is pretty necessary. If there wasn’t so much else coming down the pipe this would be on my list.

Figures from 6210 Jabba’s Sail Barge look incredible. I already have a Jabba so will probably be bricklinking these guys.

Pretty sure that the Rancor Pit 75005 has been on this blog before, but this is the one StarWars set that I’ll be definitely picking up this year, ideally at some kind of discount somewhere of course.

I don’t follow expanded universe stuff but this looks Darth Maul after he was cut in half with some delicious looking new robo legs. Are they the same as the new General Grievous?

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