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Over the weekend, Robin Sather from Brickville in Vancouver came over to do the Tillicum Lego Mania event, now in it’s third year. Our local Lego club, VicLUG, was there to help Robin wherever needed.

This year we made the Bay Street Armoury, a military compound built in 1915 and still in active use. It’s quite close to downtown Victoria and is a well recognized landmark. Using photo reference and Google satellite/streetmap info, Robin was able to figure out the dimensions of the structure and build it over the course of the weekend. It has about 26,000 pieces and is almost 50/50 Duplo vs Lego.

The club had a display table of mocs and a street scene with a Where’s Waldo fig find. There was a very successful kids contest with a silly amount of wonderful entries and registration for it was filled within 4 days. We had a kid build area that was divided between baby/toddler and older kids as well.

If we talked at this event please followup the conversation by writing the club:

Our next event is coming up soon, the Cherrybomb Toy and Hobby show on April 1st at Pearkes Arena!

Article on the Times Colonist:

Article on Saanich News:

Great article on that is very knowledgeable about everyone involved:

*edit: Ted noticed that this article is from last year’s Tillicum event, but all the facts hold true except for the dates interestingly enough

John Langrish’s photoset on flickr of the event:

Photos Joseph took of the event:

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3 thoughts on “Post Tillicum Mania event

  1. I had to comment on the article as they said the event is this weekend coming up (March 16-18) when it fact it was last weekend.

  2. Ah I didn’t notice the dates on it. Still, she got all of her facts straight as far as who is who with respective links which is great. A lot of people were under the assumption that everyone at the Tillicum show worked for the Lego company so it’s good that clear information is out there.

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